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My name is Simon French and I have several years’ experience in the Learner Driver Industry. ASF Driving School provides professional tuition to customers based in Ashford (Kent) and the surrounding area.


My qualifications are:

Driving Scenario

Learning to drive is a skill you use for life not just to pass a test. Yes you have to do that but that relates to vehicle manoeuvring and understanding traffic situations. The areas that also need to be developed are your beliefs, ability and confidence.


Ask yourself the question


“What might you worry about when you’re learning to drive?”


There are an endless number of questions you could think of, one being


“Do you think you will be an inconvenience to other road users?”


If you think yes then that’s your belief.


Now if you do worry about inconveniencing them you probably will. So think about it this way. The other road users had to learn once, same as you, if you’re doing 30 mph in a 30 what more can you do, if you focus on making good, positive, correct progress then no one will think anything of it. So now you believe you can move the vehicle, integrate with other road users and with the correct, positive attitude be as safe as you can and cause no inconvenience to any one. This way of thinking and believing takes you on your journey from the very start so you will be safe, confident, consistent and competent driver for life.



The above scenario is based on the GDE Matrix (Goals for Driving Education).
Everybody has their own way of learning.
Whether you’re an Activist (learn by doing), Reflector (observing/thinking about
what happened), Theorist (needs concepts & facts, the theory) or Pragmatist (need to
see how to put learning into practise, demonstrations)
We’ll identify your preferred learning technique and then each lesson will be planned
to meet those needs.


For more information on the GDE Matrix please Click Here.