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Ryan Schmidt

Simon helped me gain my full licence with very little previous experience. I had a tight schedule, needing to pass within two months. Simon was able to quickly determine my abilities and accurately predict the number of hours necessary to pass. I was able to pass my test first time. I found the whole experience to be very rewarding and thorough. His teaching style was highly professional and intensive yet always supportive. The pace of the training was sensitive to my abilities; I always had the opportunity to revisit skills that I felt had not been perfected. A good service at good value.

Kaye Meighan

I recommend Simon as I had no confidence and didn’t believe I could pass. He got me through it all and I had a great time learning.

Claire Winstanley

I really enjoyed all the lessons; Simon is a very good Instructor, hard working but very friendly. His methods and ability to instruct were very good and the handouts he supplied were extremely helpful and backed up all he taught me. He built my confidence, which was very low, he believed in me and my ability and was patient through out my lessons from the very start. I thought I would never pass and did 1st time. Its totally changed my life.

Deborah Watkins

I loved everything about Simon’s lessons, from the laughs to the fantastic teaching. The handouts that he provided me with backed up everything that he taught me and were a great help. Due to my ability to learn things quickly, Simon pushed me each lesson to achieve something new, which I liked. Thanks to Simon’s professional teaching I passed first time. I would strongly recommend learning to drive with Simon French.

Becky Loman

I had driving lessons with Simon from August 2007 to December 2007, with no prior driving experience, and then took my test early January 2008. Simon is a very professional and patient man. I found him to be encouraging and supportive. He uses various techniques to explain and further your understanding, for example through the use of handouts. He will always do a re-cap of the last lesson and give a lesson objective so you feel you are moving forward with your learning. Due to his thorough teaching methods I felt completely ready for my test and now feel I am a very safe and capable driver.

Rachel Harker

When I first started learning to drive, it seemed so hard and I couldn’t ever imagine being able to cope with the situations that driving would throw at me. But thanks to Simon my confidence grew, driving didn’t seem so daunting. Obviously there were bad lessons, where things didn’t go as well as they should have, thanks to Simon’s patience these were overcome quickly. After a while things just seemed to fit into place, the penny dropped and driving became natural. I would not have been able to progress so quickly and my confidence grow as much as it did if it wasn’t for Simon. He has all the qualities which are essential in teaching people to drive, patience, a sense of humour and passion. He really does care about each pupil, to him teaching people is more than a job, its about educating people and making the roads a safer place to be.

Tanveer Rashid

I started driving with Simon having already been briefly taught by someone else, it was a thorough and pleasing education and there was never a dull moment nor was I ever left unprepared for any scenario. Confidence is key and mine grew immeasurably as I spent more time under his tutelage. Thanks for your help, would recommend Simon to everyone.

Stefanie Smith

I would whole-heartedly recommend Simon to anyone learning to drive. Finding Simon after having failed my test twice with a previous instructor was a godsend! It was thanks to him that I managed to regain my confidence and go on to pass my test with flying colours. In my opinion, his fantastic teaching skills, patience and encouragement are what every learner driver needs.

Ben Roberts

I would like to say a big thank you to Simon. I was able to progress quickly with Simons excellent tutoring and my determination to pass first time, which I did! Simon had structured lesson plans which enabled areas to be covered again if there were any weaknesses. In each lesson I was pushed to achieve a new driving skill. Simons fun and friendly nature made me more comfortable which enabled my driving abilities to progress at a faster rate. I strongly advise you to learn to drive with Simon French.

Aliysa Virani, Hamstreet, Ashford

Simon was recommended to me through someone who had previously used him. I found Simon was very friendly and approachable. He was patient and encouraging when I felt nervous or frustrated in anyway but he won’t take any nonsense. He gave me handouts for me to learn from which I found very helpful and which also helped my parents. With his help and guidance I passed my theory and practical tests first time and I went on to take my pass plus which I also took with Simon.Simon has given me so much confidence I never thought I’d be driving within 3 months. I’d highly recommend him to all my friends and people who asked whom I learned to drive with.

Samantha Harker

I booked a 2 week intensive driving course with Simon French. At first I was apprehensive about spending so much in a car, just me and an instructor, but as soon as I stepped foot in the car with Simon my fears were gone. He was so supportive and encouraging every lesson. Even when I clipped my wing mirror he wasn’t fazed and had complete faith in me throughout. The lessons were fun, I looked forward to them and I really enjoyed them. (Even the 8am starts) Simon continuously told me that I would be fine with the driving test and emphasized that I was nervous because of the word ‘test’. His continuous patience and hard work paid off I passed my test first time. Simon is an amazing instructor and I really would recommend him to anyone.

Joanna Burden

Thanks to Simon, I have now passed my driving test. He is an excellent teacher and pitches his lesson to suit the needs of his student. Simon creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere which puts even the most nervous pupil at ease. I happily recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Emma Oulton A2OM Pupil

I am writing in support of Simon French. Simon was my driving instructor for several months prior to my driving test. Thanks to his determination and support I passed my test first time. He was patient and encouraging but his instructions were always clear and he ensured that I knew all the rules of the road.

Alex Weeden

Simon was my driving instructor for 6 months. He has always been patient, calm and honest. He encouraged me and helped to build my confidence. I passed my test on my first attempt and remained with Simon to take my pass plus. I can highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.